Sheki, Azerbaijan

Sheki is a world heritage listed town. It is 300km from Baku, and the scenery changes dramatically driving up into the mountains. There is a fortress, a summer and winter palace, two caravanserais and many old buildings dating back centuries.

In the old town
Wide cobbled streets and old Soviet buildings
Too big for the suitcase
So many pots, so many stalls
Great brickwork
Lovely minaret at the Khan Mosque
Xan Sarayi

We spent the day searching firstly for the Winter Palace, and after an hour of wandering the back streets of the old town, we gave up and headed for the Fortress. There’s lots of restoration work going on so unfortunately a number of the buildings including the glass workshop and the folk museum were closed. However a glass craftsman had set up an outdoor stall to show us how it was made. The windows in both palaces have lots of stained glass, but it’s surrounded by wooden joins, not lead. Amazing! (No pictures allowed inside the palace)

A poster outside the palace, the stained glass looks like a carpet on the floor
Every piece of wood has grooves and slots into the next one
One panel would take ages!

My favourite place was the Artists workshop and gallery, a recent project to keep the old crafts going. The ceramic tiles on the outside of the building were gorgeous.

A new garden project perhaps?
Not your usual gnome
Many artists contributed to this collection

The upper caravanseray was also impressive. Seki was a stop along one of the silk routes across Eurasia. Parts have been restored and you can stay there, but you just have to turn up and hope there is a room…a bit like in the old days I guess!

Love the warmth of the stonework
In the courtyard
How thick are the walls?
A hotel room awaiting repair!

Our hotel was very interesting, full of carpets, decorations and a couple of chandeliers in the courtyard.

The dining room
Hotel courtyard with chandelier
Old Town Sheki Hotel

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