Last days back in Baku

After driving back from Sheki, we were very happy to be relaxing back in Jo’s flat in Baku. We took a day trip out to Qobustan, to look at petroglyphs and planned to also visit the mud volcanoes. Alas, the dusty road and steep hills were just too much for the Kia, we watched as big 4WDs battled the hills. We did attempt to walk up, but found the going too tough, so just had to look at pictures on Google and be satisfied with that!

No grip on the road, and it was a steep climb.
On and on…

On Friday night, Jo and I went to the Hamam with her friend Barbara. It was women’s night and after about a minute of feeling self conscious about being in a room full of naked women, it was fantastic. We had a sauna, a body scrub and then a coffee massage. A plunge under cold water and then a relax with a pot of tea. What a great way to spend a Friday evening.

This shop had every haberdashery and notion you would ever need!
Picking out a mat
Lionel waiting patiently again
Every one was individually decorated

Saturday and Sunday were spent wandering around the shops, picking up a few bits and pieces. A fabulous lunch at a local cafe and now we’re all packed, ready to leave in the morning and just relaxing with a glass or two of Georgian wine. The perfect end to what has been a wonderful holiday. Thanks Jo for putting up with us, it’s been amazing.

Even the Baboushkas looked cold today…it was very chilly!
On our way back to Jo’s

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