The Giant Buddha

Leshan, China

We caught the local bus, which took two and a half hours, out to the World Heritage listed Giant Buddha Park in Leshan. We took a guide, Sean with us, as trying to find the right buses would have taken all day I think! When we arrived we stopped for lunch, which was probably the most balanced meal we have had for awhile as Sean ordered for us. After that we had our aerobic workout, climbing lots of stairs to reach the top, next to the Buddha’s head. Thankfully there was no waiting, but obviously on very busy days it looks like people line up for hours. Next we walked down the side of the Buddha until we reached his feet…it was fantastic, very impressive and extraordinary to think it was built over 1500 years ago! For some reason I didn’t take a full length pic on the iPad…too busy watching everyone and I haven’t worked out how to transfer from the camera…just Google it! Well of course we had to climb back up to the top again, lose ourselves for a while in the gardens, shrines and temples…then spend time misunderstanding exit arrows…but we found our way back down the hill to the east gate…and there was Sean waiting patiently.

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