Lijiang, ancient cobblestoned town

Yulong County, China

We arrived at Chengdu airport yesterday at 4:30am, to catch a 6:30 plane…not knowing how long it might take to get through to gate 167! The airport bus dropped us in Lijiang, New town, which is the modern end…we wanted the old town and dragged our bags about a kilometre through a number of road works/construction sites to the cobbled stones of the old city…then up narrow alleyways and a number of stairs to our hostel. It’s like stepping back in time. The town is full of lanes and narrow streets, no cars – only motorbikes and small electric vans. It’s easy to get lost wandering along the small canals and over the stone or wooden bridges. Local people set up dancing circles in the open areas; there are “fast food Naxi style food courts; djembe drums are very popular in the souvenir shops and there are hundreds of Chinese tourists about! Many women get dressed in traditional outfits (they hire) and have photo shoots around the town. We have spent almost two days wandering about and there is still more to see!

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