Shaxi Ancient Tea Route town

Jianchuan County, China

I really wanted to visit Shaxi. Mainly because of my long fascination with The Silk Road, Marco Polo and assorted old movies! So we headed for the bus station at about 10, only to be told there were no available tickets until 4pm…a bit late…so Lionel started negotiating a “charter” which is a fancy name for paying exorbitant prices for hiring the whole mini bus! Oh well… So 300¥ later we arrive in a town called Jianchuan…and caught a mini bus for 10¥ each to Shaxi. Sunday afternoon…very busy with tourists and the room we booked was not available. Never mind…only one night. So we wandered around along the ancient tea route and through delightful alleys it was a very pretty little town and the quietest and smallest place we have been to so far. Organising dinner, we asked for chicken, rice and vegetables…there were all sorts of unrecognisable bits in the meal…but very tasty anyway…full moon was a bonus overlooking the courtyard while we ate.

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