Dali by the lake…almost

Dali, China

We were so happy to arrive at Dali Hooloo B&B Winne, our host spoke English and that makes life a lot easier! Dali is a great place to wander around, take in the human sights and just enjoy the atmosphere. Once again, there are tourists everywhere but everyone is very polite and generally try to help us find our way around. It’s just lovely to relax for a couple of days, our room is on the rooftop, great views of the mountains and surrounding neighbourhood. We caught a bus to the city today and walked along the river bank, there are huge cruise boats waiting to take people out on the lake, but I think they are too costly…not many takers. Tomorrow we are going to try to catch a bus to a village ( if we can find the right bus and where to catch it!) Eating a meal is still an adventure in itself, very few places have any English words on their menus…no need really! Tonight we were a bit more adventurous, Lionel ordered a whole fish which was BBQ’d and I ordered a number of skewers, which the stall holder assured me were pork, beef and lamb. There were a lot of other interesting things to try as well, including chicken feet, tiny prawns, black mushrooms, squid, locusts and assorted vegetables…We just had potato, beans and lotus with chilli…tasty.

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