All about the Animals…Yunnan Safari Park

Kunming, China

After deciding not to go to the stone forest or the dwarf empire (Google this), we spent the day at the Yunnan Safari Park. This was recommended rather than the Kunming Zoo, so we hopped on bus 235 and for 50cents headed across town to the outskirts of Kunming and the safari park. It is huge! 16km round trip in the electric cars…which we didn’t hire…because we like walking…haha! Well of course the map of the park didn’t help us and it was a long way to the Lion and Tiger Villa…but we made it…up and down steps, roads and tracks. Along the way there were zebras, emus, deer, llamas and hundreds of peacocks wandering around. Thankfully we could buy tickets for the bus back to the start…I don’t think my knees could have climbed another hill at that stage. Other enclosures had monkeys, reptiles, birds, bears, a lone panda and the usual zoo animals. Nothing much else to report…we like to visit at least one zoo in each country so that’s it for China…by the way I was amazed how large the zebras, llamas and emus were up close…and the camels were gigantic…most animals looked well cared for too, which is always a positive.

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