From a railway carriage

Liuzhou, China

We travelled overnight by “hard sleeper” from Kunming to Guilin. On the way we passed the edge of the Stone Forest, so that was a bonus. The scenery was the way I imagined China to be…probably 40 years out of date! There would be fields and villages, and then in the middle of nowhere high rise apartments and a bustling city. The sleeper carriages are three tier. Lucky Lionel had the upper deck and I had the lower…there was no one in the middle when we went to bed about 10pm…but the berths were occupied when we woke up! The people around us were helpful and friendly…using single words and a lot of gestures and facial expressions we got their message! We love train travel and this was a great little journey…however the bunks are made for mini butts not maxi butts…if I were any wider I would have been on the floor!

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