I need a holiday!

Lake Cathie, Australia

It’s the end of another very busy term at school, and I’m starting to feel like I’m past my use by date! Teaching kids is still a joy, and every day is filled with amazing little snippets that make the job so wonderful, and if that was all I had to think about, I could go on forever! Well maybe not!! So time for a break…a long one…practising for eventual retirement next year… The eternal question…where to next? So much to see, so little time! So off we go to Turkey…for ten weeks…What? Why? How? Well the more you read the more you learn and Turkey has so much to offer. We are spending a few days in each town and travelling about 2-3 hours by local bus to the next destination. I’m getting excited! The Bosphorus, Istanbul, Cappadocia, the Aegean, Troy, what wonderful words…and then of course Turkish Delight! So just a couple more days to get organised and then off we go…we’ll keep you posted.

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