Selcuk – ancient history lessons

Selçuk, Turkey

It took a few buses to reach Selcuk, which is the closest town to Ephesus – an ancient city from Roman times. It was very impressive and extensive, archaeologists are still digging bits up! We also visited a fabulous castle, church and mosque in Selcuk. (I could almost see Prince Valiant on the ramparts!) While walking around, we met a kilim manufacturer who went to school in Parramatta…he offered Lionel a beer, but it wasn’t enough to entice us to buy a rug (for you, very good price!?) We also visited a small village in the hills, Sirince. This was a wine district and of Greek origins…it was lovely, but very geared up for the tourist buses…not the $2 local bus tourists like us! Today I went to a Hamam, (Turkish Bath) it’s Friday and so its for women only. It was great, although I didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to be doing…and the women masseurs spoke very little English! Luckily a group of young women were having like a hens’ party and explained what I was supposed to do! My skin feels very clean. I was heated on the marble platform, then scrubbed, soaped, massaged and rinsed with cold water…it was a very sociable atmosphere, I thoroughly enjoyed it. ( We had been told all the masseurs were male, so I had been uncertain about whether to go…glad I did.)

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