Travertines and Roman Baths

Pamukkale, Turkey

I have wanted to visit Pamukkale ever since I saw “The Odyssey” with Armand Assante luxuriating in the pools while gazing out to sea. Well to start with, Pamukkale is inland…so obviously some Hollywood magic or blue screen was being used to make that happen. But it was still fantastic! We were there on a Sunday, which is probably the busiest day of the week; bus loads of day trippers come and swim or paddle in the pools. We walked up early and for a little while had parts of the place to ourselves, we managed to find some pools which were totally empty and that was good enough for me! The Romans built Hierapolis as a spa town and you can understand why. The ruins were extensive and the whole day was very special. It was a full moon, but not over the world heritage site…still looked spectacular though.

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