Cruising through Kruger

Mopani, South Africa

Today we spent the whole day in an open truck driving around Kruger National Park. It was so dry and sparse…the word “scrubland” takes on a whole new meaning. I’m sure anyone who has travelled outback Australia would recognise this landscape far better than us. It was just amazing…the animals we have previously only seen in zoos or on David Attenborough programs…right there in front of us…grazing…running away…or just staring us down. My favourites were actually the giraffes….what awkward, yet graceful creatures. By the end of the day I had a backache (from the jolting truck)…called an African massage! And a headache from searching for the elusive leopard in the treetops. But I recovered quickly! So much is packed into these few days…a real treat for the senses.

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