Moving on to Mozambique

Maputo, Mozambique

After a whirlwind visit to Swazi, we drove on to Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. But first, the visa on arrival at the border… All the other travellers had their visas, so it was just us waiting patiently for the customs officer to complete the paperwork. Just after he started the process there was a blackout, so of course they couldn’t print anything! Well it only took about an hour in the end, so that wasn’t too bad. They speak Portuguese in Mozambique (just love the name!) so that is another little challenge! It poured with rain along the way, which is good for the locals of course, rain is always welcome… but the red dust quickly turns to mud and overflowing drains…people just adjust their habits and keep on going. And as everywhere, the kids find a puddle of water to play in. We stayed at a lovely hotel, The Southern Sun…our campers were happy to have a comfy bed and ensuite bathroom…the breakfast was spectacular!

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