Wishing for whale sharks

Tofo, Mozambique

There are evidently three hundred whale sharks along the coast of Mozambique, and today we searched the ocean in a rubber dinghy for just one (with no luck). We were out in open water, visibility was not good and the thought of a giant of the sea suddenly appearing had me feeling very nervous! Lionel by the way, chose sensibly not to go snorkelling… Anyway, we had a very nice ride along the coast; saw some flying fish, dolphins and the motors on the boat! Earlier in the day, Lionel and I had walked along the beach and watched the dhows sailing by and the crabs scampering away. At the end of our boat trip,a cheeky man at the market held up a batik whale shark, then a ray and a whale…that was as close as we were going to get to the real thing today!

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