Following the Fish River Canyon

Citrusdal, South Africa

We crossed into Namibia yesterday, and I have never seen such a dry, desolate place! It is so arid, rocky and sandy. Just over two million people live here. We were driving along, thinking there’s nothing here…and out of nowhere a vineyard appears to break up the landscape. Our first stop was the Orange river, which forms the border with South Africa. We stayed in a cabana overlooking the river, which is popular with canoe enthusiasts. Today we travelled on to the Fish River Canyon, the second largest in the world after the Grand. Spectacular! We are on a private tour at the moment…just Lionel and I, with Anneke our translator, our guide and driver – Kobus, and our chef – Honori…we are picking up some more people in a week…but at the moment it is just us and the truck! What personalised service! The resort we stayed at had thermal pools, $2 pints and an indoor spa…wedged in between two rocky hills. Cheeky baboons wandered along our balcony this morning…looking for any loose bits of food…which they found from various sources!

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