Blazing trails through the desert dunes

Swakopmund, Namibia

What an amazing day we have had in Swakopmund! We started out on quad bikes and rode for an hour in the sand dunes…only got bogged about five times! It was exhausting, concentrating on revving, turning and avoiding soft sand. I kept thinking about “Lawrence of Arabia”…would they rescue me in time if I fell into a hole? Then we stopped in the middle of the ride and went for a slide down a dune on a piece of masonite. That would have been great to do again if someone had dragged me back up to the top of the hill!! We were covered in a fine layer of sand by the time we returned. Tick that one off a no need to repeat list! In the afternoon we headed into town to see the Kuska Festival. A very German event, held once a year. By the time we arrived it was in full swing, lots of singing, dancing and of course drinking! Everyone was having a fine old time, and we had no idea what was going on! But the young girls invited me up to dance and we all had a good laugh. Just before sundown we made our way out to the pier and enjoyed a few drinks as the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean. Ended our day at a pub, where there were huge servings of meat being consumed by the still celebrating Kuska crowd!

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