Chasing the cats in the Masai Mara National Park

Narok, Kenya

Starting out from Nairobi on the last leg of our Nomad tour, we drove for over six hours along very rough roads in a customised Toyota van. The van surprisingly managed to negotiate most of the potholes and creek crossings, but unluckily got bogged a few times, rather than pay the toll the locals were imposing to travel across their land. We arrived in the afternoon at our very basic permanent tented camp, and headed off to the local Masai village for another tour…this one quite a contrast to the village in Tanzania. On our return to camp we headed out for a short game drive, then followed that with a full day (9 hours). As much as I wanted to see leopards and lions, I didn’t like the cross country race in the van just to take a perfect picture! Most of the trucks moved far too close, and some of the animals looked confused. Other parts of the day were fabulous, seeing the Great Migration of wildebeests, thousands of zebras, a posing cheetah, mating ostriches & lions, and some beautiful birds made the bumping and jumping about in the van worthwhile. There was a nervous moment when we were well and truly bogged right near the leopard! That was a bit scary!

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