Sloshing and slogging our way through Lake Nakuru

Nakuru, Kenya

It was overcast when we left for our afternoon drive through Lake Nakuru Park. I had considered giving this one a miss, but the promise of seeing thousands of flamingoes dragged me along! The Dutch girls were hoping to see a rhino, and it wasn’t long before we spotted three, very close to the track. There were also dozens of baboons sitting about. We reached the lake, after getting stuck in the mud again…this time the culprit was a rock! I thought the bottom had fallen out of the van, but with a bit of pushing, on we drove. The lake has spread out, so there were many trees partly submerged, swampy pools, lots of bird life including hundreds of flamingoes…but we really couldn’t get close enough to them, so we headed in the other direction…in search of giraffes. Just then it started to rain! Visibility became very limited and the van was leaking. I suggested we leave early, everyone agreed, but Peter, our driver just kept motoring further away from the main gate, determined to give us our money’s worth!

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