Checking out the Chimps in Budongo Reserve

Masindi, Uganda

This morning, bright and early, we hiked through the rainforest looking and listening for the chimps. Trying to watch my step, amongst the vines and undergrowth, we soon heard the rustling and calls coming from high above. There were about ten, munching on seeds and pieces of bark moving about in the canopy. It was fabulous, a good practice session for the gorilla tracking in a few days time. Next stop, the top of Murchison Falls, where the Nile River pours itself powerfully through a narrow gorge. Very impressive. To complete a splendid day, we went on an afternoon game drive, which I was fairly non-plussed about by this stage! Well, it turned out to be fantastic! There were so many lions about! We spent about half an hour watching one after another emerge from the bushes onto the Savannah. They were so graceful. Later, there were a pair just sitting on the road, they quickly disappeared into the bushes to mate! The day ended with a puncture, so once again we climbed into the girls’ van and headed back to a rainy Masindi, and a fabulous meal from Prosper.

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