Walking around Kampala

Kampala, Uganda

The traffic is very intense in Kampala, but everyone seems to politely merge or give way when they need to! This afternoon we visited the second largest mosque in Africa ( the largest is in Morocco). Before we were admitted we needed to cover up, there was even a tourist tent for this purpose! We climbed to the top of the minaret, and had an amazing 360* view of the city. Later we walked through very busy streets and cautiously scurried across intersections. There were so many people about. Another traffic jam and we arrived at a restaurant for some traditional food, including cooked banana, peas, stew, spinach with rice. Very tasty, but filling. Lionel and I chatted to Raymond, our guide. We discussed many interesting things about family ties. In the meantime there were a couple of groups at the restaurant negotiating dowries…two cows are the minimum, but the sky is the limit!

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