Going for gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Kabale, Uganda

Up at 4:30am, and into the van by 5:15 for the two hour drive to the Bwindi Forest. I was breathless just walking up to the Rangers post, and started to wonder what I was doing undertaking such a strenuous walk! We have had hardly any exercise over the past ten weeks, sitting for long hours on the truck, I certainly wasn’t feeling very fit! But as we know, it’s one step at a time; up and down jungle trails cutting paths through dense jungle; slipping through mud and dust…trying to get a foothold…it was a challenge! Thankfully, I had hired a porter to help me along and I also had a stick. Lionel seemed to be taking it in his stride, I was struggling. But our lovely group just kept encouraging me, and after over three hours, the trackers finally located the gorillas. Now I don’t know what I expected, perhaps a clearing? They were in a thick, vine and plant dense area…munching on plants and doing what gorillas do! We spent an hour with them, watching, laughing and eye-balling each other! Another amazing African experience!

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