Wading around Watamu at low tide

Watamu, Kenya

An hours’ drive up the coast from Kilifi Bay, is the small town of Watamu. We have three nights here and it is another very different coastal experience! The Mawe Resort is a small ” boutique” hotel, with only twelve rooms, a restaurant, spa, bar and swimming pool, overlooking the sea. It has a tunnel leading down to the water, which can only be accessed at low tide. It reminds me of a pirate or smugglers entrance to a castle! Yesterday we waded through shallow waters, lots of sea grass, past scuttling crabs and an enthusiastic game of football to reach a slither of sandy beach. Unfortunately the water camera chose to have a flat battery, so we will be going out again tomorrow! Well, we headed for the Gede Ruins today, so missed the tide to wander over the sea…had to settle for a few hours by the pool instead!

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