Winding down on Pulau Weh (Indonesia)

Sabang, Indonesia

We have spent ten days relaxing, walking, snorkelling, swimming, reading and playing mahjong on the beautiful island of Pulau Weh, just off the eastern tip of Sumatra. What a wonderful way to end this journey. After three months travelling extensively through Africa it is a pleasant change to just be in the same place for a while! The Bixio (Airbnb) bungalow is right on the beach, high tide laps the wall in front of us. You can wade out through the very turquoise sea and a fabulous coral reef is right there waiting to be explored. After five glorious days at Bixio, on Long Beach, near Iboih, we moved to Kasih beach. We are staying at “The Point” an assortment of bungalows overlooking the sea, mostly frequented by locals from Banda Aceh and reminiscent of many of our much earlier travels in Asia (read that as rustic). There are rocky steps leading down to the beach, a few paths to explore and a great view of the ocean. Tomorrow we are catching the ferry back to Banda Aceh; there are memorials to the Tsunami we want to visit, before flying back to KL and then back home to Winter! Brrr!

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