Dawdling in Dushanbe

Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan. It is a lovely tree filled city with wide streets and shady pathways. There are plenty of statues, old buildings and huge monuments. Cars and buses stop at pedestrian crossings, and the lights give you fair warning in the form of a countdown when to cross or stop. Today we visited the biggest flagpole (arguably) in the world and the biggest tea house…which was not open for business! We walked a long way, as once again we missed a vital turn! Oh the joys of not recognising words in other languages! Tomorrow we start our road trip along the Pamir Highway, so I’m not sure what sort of wifi reception we might or might not have. It will be a pleasant change to have some cooler weather, although I’m a bit concerned about altitude sickness! We shall see!

Continuous milk tea
Musical fountains
Mosaic in Rudaki St
Another beautiful ceiling
Entrance to the biggest tea house
Tea house verandah, no one else around
Tea house ceiling, so beautiful
Rudaki st mosaic
Ferris wheel looked a bit worn

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