Rolling along the road to Kalai Khum 19.7.17

We started our road trip today along the Pamir Highway. After about an hour on the rough and rocky road I was starting to wonder what we were doing here!

But the Toyota Landcruiser acquitted itself very well and took on all sorts of terrain! The scariest part was where the road could be seen to have washed away…down to the river far below. At one stage an earth mover was called in to add more soil to the road so vehicles could pass.

We climbed high into the mountains and then down winding dirt trails to the valleys. It was all very impressive, and this is just the first day!

We are now sitting on a verandah next to a raging stream, listening to a variety of accents, including Nigel from Coffs, who is riding his push bike over the mountains. Such stamina! I prefer the car and some walking!


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