Jakar (or Chumkhar)

This is the main town of the Bumthang Valley. We had landed here from Paro. We drove an hour from Tang to Jakar, stopping on the way at the Burning Lake. A teacher from Tang had driven us there…he was going shopping!

We stayed at the River Lodge, owned by Pema Dawa, who is also our landlord in Tang. What a character!

After wandering around town to find somewhere to eat, we found a taxi driver who spoke English to take us to the Dzong. It was raining as we puffed and panted our way up the hill. Four young monks were playing soccer in the rain, which was fun to watch. We also visited their temple which was very serene.

After the Dzong, we spent a few hours walking along the main street looking at all the handicraft shops….there were plenty! We were wanting somewhere to sit for a while and stumbled into a bar! A G&T later ( whisky for Barb) we walked back to our hotel.

The rain continued, and so we decided to stay at Riverlodge for dinner. Pema Dawa joined us for a chat…which went for quite a while!

4 thoughts on “Jakar (or Chumkhar)

  1. Love the colours in the photos…all the different rich colours with the lushness of the vegetation. Sounds like the people you are meeting are vibrant too.


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