Temple Tour around Chumkhar

On Sunday we found a taxi driver who spoke excellent English and negotiated with him for a temple tour and to drive us an hour back to Tang Central. We had already visited the Dzong and had spent a number of hours wandering around Chumkhar. Most of the temples were out of town in the surrounding countryside. It drizzled off and on for most of the day, but it didn’t matter, the temples were magnificent.

We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the temples, but the richness of the interiors was stunning. Each temple had its own unique character. Some were built hundreds of years ago, and one very recently after a fire. The floor and steps of some were worn by thousands of hands and feet passing through. Pilgrims walk around the temples, 108 times is an auspicious number!

Everywhere in the temple grounds it is so serene, peace and tranquility flourished!

At one temple, young monks were making decorations . The clay like substance was covered in colourful butter patterns, finished ones inside the temple looked fabulous.

Our last temple was a rebuilt one, it was huge! The interior was elaborately painted and the decorations were beautiful.

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