Teaching at Tang Central#2

We have been trying to introduce a lot more talking into the English Program. Every day students come up to us and like to practise their language skills. Sometimes they giggle or cover their mouths when we try to talk with them.

One game we have found particularly useful is Who am I, where the students have to guess the animal, food or object on their headband. It has really made them chuckle and answer with animation. It’s great!

What I also love is that preschoolers are not excluded from any events. They are cared for at the preschool attached, but even when it ends early, staff collect their children and bring them to school.

The buildings at Tang are all decorated with beautifully painted designs, the window frames are works of art!

The school is at the base of a steep hill and beside the river, it is very picturesque. As it is monsoon season, it rains most days or nights, but when the sun finally decides to show itself it is wonderful, makes me appreciate our beachside location more than ever!

4 thoughts on “Teaching at Tang Central#2

  1. Oh yes there are naughty kids …but not many, some senior boys were on detention the other day…they were building a path with lucky stones and dirt as their retribution! They wouldn’t tell us why they were in trouble.


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