Topper’s Lunch on Saturday

Academic effort is very important in Bhutan. The staff celebrate the efforts of students who have achieved over 70% at a special assembly and luncheon. “Toppers” are the best performing students. Even PP (Kindergarten) are included.

We were guests of honour, along with a new teacher and two departing teachers. Children were presented with a rosette, which had their score included, and received a white scarf for their efforts. They were then seated at beautifully decorated tables and a number of speeches were delivered. We were also acknowledged, and received a beautiful Bhutanese backpack. Perfect!

It was a very special occasion, and it was wonderful to see so many of the children involved.

As part of the ceremony, the teachers performed three dances. Barb and I were invited to join the teachers on stage for the dances…we did our best to keep to the rhythm! There are far more male teachers at school than female, although it is a Central School PP to Year 10. All teachers are subject specialists, even in PP ( Kindergarten) the students have different teachers. Barb and I have worked with most of the grades, I did have to draw the line at helping the high school science teachers, who teach in English…I would have been absolutely no help!

3 thoughts on “Topper’s Lunch on Saturday

  1. I’m sure you were able to keep the rhythm Chris. I love the bright colours in all your photos.
    Could you please ask Barb if it’s okay to share photos of her with Cundle school?


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