Ogyen Choling Museum, Tang Valley

The day after Alex, Nav and Virginia arrived back in Chamkhar, we headed out to the valley to show them our school and the private family run museum further into the valley. We set out in two little Suzuki Maruti taxis, which ploughed their way through the muddy rough roads. Amazing vehicles…nothing fazed them, even the steep climb up to the museum carrying four women wasn’t a problem!

The museum was on four floors, each one connected by a very steep wooden ladder. The family had an amazing collection of artefacts, ranging from masks, to fabrics, to household items…it was fabulous!

So many interesting hand made tools and accessories. Many of the villages still have troughs as their main source of water.

Billy the cat had free reign at the museum.

We ended our day in the valley back near Tang Central…Ugyen Tenzin’s mum made us some noodles to tide us over. I caught up with Pema W, year 10 Topper, who had challenged my fading knowledge of tense!

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