It never rains in Southern California

A ten hour overnight flight from Nadi and we finally arrived in LA. Took us quite a while to locate our driver…we were in the wrong terminal and didn’t have much of a clue really…put it down to lack of sleep!

Drove south for an hour on the five lane freeway and were delivered safely to Trevor and Stephanie’s at Capistrano Beach. Hooray!

Down to the pier for drinks and dinner, watching the sunset over the Pacific was a treat! The days have been so clear. We swam yesterday and it was quite cool. Last night was Taco Tuesday, so of course we had to eat Mexican! And drink some tequila!

A great way to start our journey! Thanks Trev and Steph for your wonderful hospitality…see you in about six weeks!

6 thoughts on “It never rains in Southern California

  1. I don’t know what you’ve done to me Chris…at least twice a day I start singing of humming a USA city or state theme song….makes me smile.
    Great start to your trip.
    Ruth x


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