Do you know the way to San Jose?

No? How about San Luis Obispo? SLO for short. We caught the wrong train, luckily a friendly local told us we could get off in two stops and get on the right one! Problem solved. The Surfliner runs from San Diego to SLO, it hugs the coast for much of the journey which was a tour in itself.

There were so many RVs parked along the beach roads, some of them looked like they were permanently camped there, and some of them were huge!

We had a delay of about an hour because the train clipped a car that had “fallen” onto the tracks…no one was in it so no injuries. Luckily we were stopped near the water so we could watch some spear fishers and a seal frolicking.

San Luis Obispo is a college town, hundreds of young people about. We wandered the streets today and visited all the main attractions…the mission, art gallery, historical society and a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It has a lovely vibe to it. Tonight the whole town seemed to be out at the Farmers Market, which was in the centre of town with music, fresh produce and food for sale. We ate so much at lunch that we didn’t need dinner, especially when we saw some of the serving sizes! A great place to visit. Tomorrow, Amtrak to San Francisco.

This place was a bit weird…look at the sign…Bubblegum Alley…ewww!

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