If you’re going to San Francisco…

I cannot believe we are actually here! How many years ago did I hear the songs? The Summer of Love was when? 67? I was just finishing Primary School.

Today we caught a hop on hop off bus around the Streets of San Francisco (where are you Karl Malden?) We stopped at the southern end of the Golden Gate and it was foggy! And so cold! Glad we had our raincoats! (But worse the second time around later in the day.) The guy behind us looks happy! Not!

Fisherman’s Wharf was so busy, I think almost all 7 million residents were down at the piers.

Run Forrest Run!

Seeing the buildings and exterior stairs is like reliving movies and TV shows from the past…

And then we drove along Haight Street…twice…

We ended our first day with a ferry ride back to Oakland, then dinner at Annapurna. Finishing the evening with a couple of G & Ts…Gordon’s is $10.99US…bargain!

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