San Francisco open your golden gate…

OMG what a day we have had! First off our tickets didn’t work in the BART system, so we just climbed through the barriers! No one noticed.

Then we caught the hop on hop off to Golden Gate and the sun was shining on us! No fog!

How lucky were we? Then over the bridge to Sausalito. The temperature improved as we entered the town!

Our main aim was to visit Muir Woods, home of many very tall Redwoods…so we caught a shuttle out to the National Park and walked around the circuit. Absolutely stunning.

Trying to get the perspective of these redwoods was almost impossible, but it was a stunning walk and we loved the earthy smell of the woods.

So back to San Fran…after the bus broke down and we had to wait an extra while in Sausalito…

It was such a perfect day, even locals were surprised by the excellent weather.

So we splurged and caught the ferry again, but that wasn’t the most exciting part of our day…meeting the lovely Renay at the Chicken and Waffles diner just underneath where we were staying was an experience we can’t even begin to explain…a couple of Long Island teas and hurricanes (look up the ingredients) and we were in a movie set or something equally bizarre…this is San Francisco…well Oakland really!

PS She stripped off her outer shorts and had these fancy ones underneath…her partner Johnny had to help her leave the premises after a slight altercation with another customer who just wanted to be her friend…lots more happened, but I’m writing it in my diary…NFP!

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