Salt Lake City*

* by The Beach Boys

We arrived at 3am on the train, thankfully a taxi turned up and we would have paid whatever he asked to get to our hotel! Today we wandered around Salt Lake City, headquarters of the Mormons. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was just like other large cities, but with a well designed grid, wide streets and spotlessly clean parks and open spaces. There was however a huge temple from which all the streets radiated. This is the view from the train as we left Nevada.

We also walked up to Capital Hill for a great view of the city, on the way back we found the Pioneer Museum, which was a bonus. I couldn’t believe how large the covered wagons were!

There was an excellent short film showing lots of movies that had been filmed in Utah; Forrest Gump, The Searchers and Indiana Jones amongst them.

This bookstore was massive. The poster of The Egyptian, which is an old movie I have at home, was selling for $15,000 dollars!

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