*Theme song from a 50s and 60s Western series

We left Salt Lake City early in the morning, before the sun was up. Walking along near empty streets, the only people about were those sleeping rough. It was a little bit scary.

The bus left at 7:30am and we rolled into Laramie bus station around 3pm. Listening to the conversations on the bus kept us entertained, and the young man from Nashville who asked us whether we were from London or England made us laugh!

We stopped at Rock Springs for lunch, thankfully JoGees Juice bar was there as well as Maccas!

Laramie is not on many tours, but I was determined to see if there was any of the Wild West left in the town, after watching the very old TV series mentioned above…you can google it if you’re interested!

The bus station was a long way out of town, there were no taxis and my phone isn’t compatible with the sim I bought, so no Uber! We walked three miles into town and the same today to catch the bus to Denver. Lionel calculates we walked about 10 miles altogether, dragging our bags along…good exercise!

The Airbnb we stayed in was lovely, the house overlooks the town. Next door even had an old wagon in the yard.

We dragged our bags into town this morning to have a look around before heading back to the bus station…a horse and cart would have come in handy, but there wasn’t one to be found on the wide tree-lined streets!

Once again we headed back to the bus station, along the way we chatted to some old timers who had some very interesting viewpoints. Big college football game this evening so the town was full of supporters. They love their football!

PS Pictures through bus windows are a bit rough, but it was just wonderful to see those wide open spaces.

3 thoughts on “Laramie*

  1. I don’t know whether you got my email about a place in Wyoming that Bob said to visit if you could?? Hope you’re both having a great holiday 🙂


    • Yes we saw your email, but because we were relying on buses it was a bit too far and difficult to get to…the people we stayed with in Laramie also said The Tetons and Jackson Waterhole were fabulous…oh well maybe next time!


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