Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Today we took a bus out to Boulder, what a gorgeous little town. We walked along the creek and then back through town. Lionel spent a fair bit of time looking at the trout in the creek and probably wishing he had a line to cast!

It felt like we were miles from anywhere, instead of close to a lovely little town. Quite a University presence here, and an arty community. But the creek was what we loved best! Lionel was looking for trout every step of the way…

It was so tranquil, there were people jogging and lots of bikes gliding past….grandpas taking their offspring to explore, it was glorious!

Is that the Boulder up there?

The parks and open areas were lovely, I wish our council would make a bit more effort to complete the walkways out of town.

And then we started wandering down Pearl Street, what a gem (hahaha). I loved the old houses and the gardens, for Autumn…I mean Fall it was just beautiful.

Lionel said Smokey and I were the same size! What?

I loved the sign on the Savvy door…more please! And then we found an Op shop! The clothes were a bit more pricey than in Port Macquarie, but I managed to find a pair of Docs! Yay!

Heaven, I’m in heaven!

And wouldn’t the Moorland kids love this in their sandpit?(This was in a playground near the library).

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