Get out of Denver*

Song by Bob Seger

We bypassed Cheyenne because after Laramie we knew it would be a major hassle to get around. So we caught the bus and headed for Denver. The Rockies baseball team were playing, and as we approached downtown, the traffic slowed to a snails pace…the bus was an hour late, and there were a lot of frustrated people on board when the driver made a detour to drop us at Union Station!

You have to love google maps! Even offline it showed us where we needed to be to catch a bus across town. We arrived at Super 8 and then headed out to find some food…the local pub was celebrating Oktoberfest…a tad early, but we didn’t mind.

On Sunday we caught a bus to City Park. Typical Sunday bus timetable…waited for an hour!

We walked all over Denver today! Took a wrong turn and walked for an hour before we realised we were going in the wrong direction! Did 30000 steps…about 14 Miles! No wonder my poor old Docs started protesting and came away from the sole!

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