A mile high in Denver*

*Song by Jimmy Buffet

Denver is called the mile high city, it’s 1,760 yards above sea level. After a day in Boulder, we had until 7pm to hang around the city so took our time to leave the hotel. We caught the free mall shuttle and stayed on the bus the entire length of the mall, this gave us the chance to have a look around.

The mall is full of interesting people and shops. Plenty to look at, a few buskers and people down on their luck asking for a few dollars…prior to this we had dropped our bags at Amtrak, Union Station so we didn’t need to drag them around.

Denver has a few historic districts, the shops in Latimer St were particularly interesting, many of them had Halloween Decorations already happening, and one section had a collection of cats perched in various places.

There were lots of murals, sculptures and artworks throughout the city. Just getting to know the names of the streets and it’s time to move on.

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