Chicago (We can change the world)*

*Crosby, Stills and Nash

This fabulous town certainly lives up to the name “Windy City”. We caught the bus from Pilsen, where we were staying and as soon as we got off the bus, we needed to put on our rain jackets to keep the wind at bay! And then we walked…

The skyscrapers were all around us…I remember studying the architecture of Chicago back in school, how wonderful is it to be living amongst it!

Now this is not Philadelphia, but I said to Lionel, is this where Rocky ran up the stairs? No, but it felt like it could have been! We walked to the aquarium next, I loved the recycled sculptures.

It was so windy near the water, cyclists and joggers were doing their thing…we just managed to walk along the edge and not fall in. The sculptures outside the aquarium were quirky.

We kept walking to the Navy Pier, some interesting and expensive yachts and views along the way…just wondered what the Colombian Yacht club was doing there!

It was lunchtime and we found a perfect spot…

Kept on walking…until we arrived at The Museum of Contemporary Art…

Chicago is a wonderful city to walk around in…we were planning to do a river or lake cruise, but it was far too rough…so walking was the best option… bring a windcheater… it will definitely come in handy!

We walked along the river as far as we could, then found the “El” looking for the Blues Bros scenes!

Chicago is all about the architecture, and the sculptures and the murals. It was just amazing to be here after so many years of knowing about it!

This is where we stayed in Amado’s flat in Pilsen, reminded us of Newtown before it became too trendy!

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