Show me the way (to St Louis)*

*The Easybeats

After a very wet walk to catch the bus (to Union Station) in peak hour; we were given priority as seniors to board the train for St Louis!

We passed lots of farming country through Illinois and Missouri, flat lands for miles and miles.

As the train approached St Louis, there was the mighty Mississippi…there were bridges and more bridges at frequent intervals. And all the public transport was located in the one hub…excellent. We had to walk across the tracks, Lionel was telling me to look šŸ‘€ and as he did a train came slowly around the bend…now was not the time to get our foot or wheels stuck in the tracks! (Here comes the train…here comes the train…)

We found our bus and almost got off at the right stop! Staying in an Airbnb in the Soulard district, great apartment….you just can’t judge a book by its cover…looked very uninviting from the kerb!

Tomorrow we are off to the Botanical Gardens and various other places. The Gateway Arch is massive, you can catch a tram to the top, but I think it would feel like being in a long tunnel, so I wasn’t keen!

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