Route 66 #1

So after finding the start of the route in Chicago, we stayed on Tucker Blvd which is along the way! There were even some signs along the bus route that we travelled when we caught the wrong bus late yesterday afternoon!

We spent the morning at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, Lionel was ecstatic…there was a market on as well!

There was an area designated for kids activities, you should have seen all the pumpkins! I wonder what they do with them after Halloween?

We headed back to the bus station to walk around the city. Just as we arrived so did a massive storm, hard to know where to stop for a bit of protection! Only lasted about 20mins so we were off to the Citygarden.

Our next stop was the City Museum, what an amazing place! We decided not to stay as it was Saturday afternoon and overflowing with people! The exterior was exciting enough!

So now we are waiting at the Greyhound bus station for a bus to Nashville, it’s been delayed three hours! The announcer started calling out the towns it was going to and it was like listening to “Route 66” all over again! Patience is a virtue!

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