Born on the Bayou*

* Creedence Clearwater Revival

After a few drinks last night at the hostel, we had a slow start to the day. First stop was the bus station to swap our tickets for a later departure. Took a while, but mission accomplished!

We walked to the WWII museum and were very impressed with the respectful, factual way the events were depicted. The museum was huge! At the start we logged on and received the profile of someone involved in the war…I was expecting a soldier, but got Bob Hope!

The history of World War II was very thoroughly explained through films, artefacts and commentary. Once again much of my knowledge comes from movies…I wish I had studied Modern History…The Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbour, Battle of the Bulge, and hundreds of others I have watched over the years.

For a complete change of pace we then walked to Mardi Gras World to look at the floats and amazing statues used in past parades.

After that we headed to Lafayette Park for the Blues and BBQ fest, plenty of food stalls and free live music. We had stopped at a pub called Beers of the World, where we met Tim and his girlfriend who tried to explain the basics of college football…it’s mind boggling!

4 thoughts on “Born on the Bayou*

  1. Hi Chris
    Going through your blog tonight and catching up on a few weeks of your travels….you both look so happy…glad all your planning is working out…love the photos…especially like the one of Lionel in the voodoo hostel doorway…has a good laugh.
    Ruth x


  2. Glad you are enjoying our trials and tribulations…it’s all about the journey! We aren’t seeing some of the usual touristy things (according to a taxi driver) but we are certainly moving about each day…and immersing ourselves in the local scene!


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