Down in New Orleans*

*sung by Dr John, written by Randy Newman

What a great day we had in NOLA today! Caught the trolley car to City Park, and walked through the sculpture park. Some fabulous pieces, including another Henry Moore!

We wanted to see some swamp country, but didn’t fancy going on an airboat or with 200 other people! So we just wandered through city park and loved the Spanish moss in the trees along the creek (bayou).

After a couple of hours, we caught the trolley bus back to the French Market. We were starting to get hungry…it was 12:30…and we hadn’t had any breakfast! So we found Coop’s Cafe, which had been recommended as having the best gumbo and jambalaya in town. We really liked the jambalaya…rabbit and sausage, but the gumbo wasn’t that exciting! The mint julep and Bloody Mary were pretty good too!

Waited a long time for the trolley car and in the end started to walk to St Charles Ave. It was also a very long wait there, so we walked on until the trolley caught up. We were heading for a parade, that Pat and Brian (two Aussies we met) had told us about…and we just caught it as it meandered by…

The parades seem to happen regularly and really disrupt public transport…but everyone takes it in their stride. By this stage it was about 5pm, my feet were screaming ” give me a rest!” Another 20000 step day, but we had one more stop…the local pub for dinner and a chance to watch the big games! Some of the teams were…Cardinals vs Vikings; Seahawks vs Falcons; Steelers, Panthers (sound familiar)…we still don’t get it!

I just love the elaborate hairstyles! This girl in front of me on the trolley seemed to have blue hair! We could have spent a few more days in New Orleans, but tomorrow we move on to Texas.

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