Is anybody going to San Antone?

Finally arrived about 11:30pm, after missing our connecting bus by 15mins…we had to wait three hours in Houston…expecting it to be mild weather, it was freezing! Even the locals were rugged up against the unexpected chill!

But that’s good walking weather and once we had our bearings, we headed for the Alamo, which I will do a separate entry for…needless to say I was very excited to actually be there!

Next stop was the riverwalk. It reminded me of Venice, (not that I’ve been there!) but there were cafes and shops all along the river, and plenty of bridges connecting the sides, so you could easily criss cross from one side to the other if you saw something appealing…which of course we did.

After walking about, we headed to the Buckhorn Saloon and Museum. I was expecting to see mostly Texas Rangers memorabilia, but after paying our money, we realised it was more about stuffed animals…from all over the world! And a few other oddities!

2 thoughts on “Is anybody going to San Antone?

  1. That’s funny, we were shown a car in a town in Nevada, I think it was, that was also supportively Bonnie and Clyde’s, complete with bullet holes! Maybe there was more than one!


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