Route 66 #2

We arrived in Flagstaff about 9:30pm on Friday. It was fairly quiet and we were happy to find a cab…although in daylight we weren’t staying very far away from the station at all.

Saturday morning was like being in another town! North Arizona University had their Homecoming Weekend, which begins with the bars opening at 4am to launch Tequila Sunrise! By the time we wandered into town, at around 10am, there were a lot of very intoxicated young people, some hanging onto poles for dear life! But a lot just having fun. We wanted to watch the parade, the info centre, the police, two locals and a couple of others, all had differing ideas of the parade route and it’s starting time! Flagstaff isn’t very big, and so noticing a road was closed, we headed there.

After the parade, we found a bar, ordered a couple of Tequila Sunrises and sat watching the passing crowd. Very entertaining!

Flagstaff is an easy town to walk around…we were staying on Route 66 and there was plenty of memorabilia around to remind us!

Yesterday we went to The Grand Canyon, I’ll do a separate blog for that amazing experience!

Today we walked to Walmart Supastore, bought a couple of things then back to town. We were hoping to drop our bags and go to the museum, but Amtrak was closed. However, we met a fellow traveller who was in the same boat, so we caught an Uber with her out to the museum, with our luggage in tow!(The yarn is so cheap, but I resisted for now!)

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