Casablanca #1

It took over 24 hours to reach this city, and the reality is a long way from the movie, but really what did I expect? A single airport hangar? Humphrey and Ingrid embracing outside Rick’s Bar? Haha, not quite! (Evidently the movie wasn’t even made here! Ah another bubble popped!) Regardless, the very name is one that conjures up fantastic images in my mind.

Today we headed for The Corniche, a boulevard that stretches along the Atlantic Coast. Just as the tram pulled into the terminus it started pouring, the wind was blowing a gale and there was not a shelter in sight! Not quite what we were expecting, but it didn’t last long and so we walked back to the city as we had intended to…(20,000 steps!)

It was Friday prayers and the area around the Hassan II Mosque was overflowing with cars trying to park…anywhere! French and Arabic are the main languages, but we are managing to interpret menus and timetables!

There are so many old French colonial buildings around town, just gorgeous.Where are we?

Hassan II MosqueThe Atlantic Coast, a bit wild and woolly, not really swimming weather!

6 thoughts on “Casablanca #1

    • The weather is a bit like Melbourne…it’s cooler than I expected, and then the sun comes out for a little while. Drainage is a bit of an issue! Shoes were soaking yesterday as we trudged through the streets, many of which are being upgraded…lots of construction to contend with. (I have my ankle strap just in case!)


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