Casablanca #2

A lazy day today. After walking so far yesterday, we just wandered down the road to the Medina (old walled city) and of course it rained again! The Medina is a labyrinth! It’s very easy to get lost. Many of the buildings are whitewashed, although maybe not recently! Some beautiful old carved doors, cobbled laneways and lots of shutters. Very atmospheric.

It usually takes a while to know the layout of the streets and then it’s time to move on. Being able to follow the tram line has been really helpful!

Casablanca is a very big, busy city, not at all what we expected, but it’s been interesting anyway! There are so many cafes and places to eat. The choice is wide. There are fish markets, where you can have all manner of seafood cooked for you. But after seeing the stormwater runoff at the beach, we decided we would wait til another town. I also love the long kaftans with hoods the men wear, you see them sitting everywhere at cafes drinking coffee or mint tea. (Reminds me of Jedis!)

The French influence on the colonial buildings is evident, there is so much construction going on that many streets are a challenge to navigate…I keep my ankle strap handy…just in case!

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