Marrakech to Merzouga

We had grand plans of a five day trip through the south east to the Sahara. Once we started investigating costs it seemed too difficult. So we settled for a three day round trip from Marrakech, a camel ride, a night in the desert etc etc! Sounded fab! (Budget fab!)

The bus was small, the air con was poor and much of the road was under construction! Still it fulfilled all our other requirements and we travelled with a very diverse group of people from Ireland, Scotland, USA, Portugal, France and Hong Kong. They were all delightful.

After Ait BenHaddou we stopped in Ouarzazate for lunch. We also did a tour through the Medina and stayed the night in a hotel in a gorge, next to a stream. The colours of the earth are so beautiful. I imagine that’s what draws people to the Outback in Australia. The dryness does not appeal to me though, the haze from the heat and the continuous dust makes me appreciate our coastal environment.

The green stretch (palmaerie) close to the river contrasts with the stark brown of the mountains on either side. In future when I hear the term “Oasis in the desert” I will have a much better appreciation of its meaning!

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