Along the dusty road to Merzouga we stopped for a brief guided tour in Tinerhir. It was great to have a local show us around and we ended up at a carpet warehouse (no pressure to buy!)

The owner was very generous with his explanations. We had the opportunity to see women weaving and spinning wool, silk made from cactus and cotton. He also explained the use of various natural dyes.

After that we were invited into the show room where he showed us some old Berber artefacts as well as the different symbols that represent each of the tribes. I demonstrated the blankets made for newlyweds…the cape was really heavy…and the flower ornaments signify a married woman.

He also had a carved tent peg and of course lots of beautiful woven and embroidered carpets for us to buy…but no pressure!

We also visited an old caravanserais or fonduq where the travellers and their horses or mules would have stayed for the night…now converted into shops, but the well in the courtyard was still drawing water.

2 thoughts on “Tinerhir

    • Yes! I wished I had bought the combs from the market to comb the raw wool, but I wasn’t sure whether customs would let the raw wood back in Australia. Now when I get home I should get stuck into the spinning and weaving I’ve been going to do!


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